• 1 weekend
  • 4 universities
  • 8 teams
  • 1 goal

Create innovative solutions to increase diversity and inclusion in society

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What’s it all about?

The [Not Only Games] Jam is a Hackathon focused on diversity and inclusion in videogames and new digital entertainment technologies. The goal is to explore creative and innovative solutions that contribute to maximize diversity, in all of its areas, and to build a better world.


Come join us at our brand new King offices in Barcelona, from the 15th to the 17th November. It’s your chance to show your skills and create something awesome.

Who can join?

University students and anyone who finished their studies in 2018 from UB, UPC, UPF and La Salle (Bachelor, Master and PhD) can make up teams. This video should provide the selection jury with a better understanding of the team members’ communication skills, creativity, initiative and overall motivation. Teams can simply record their videos and give us a link to them via Youtube, Wetransfer etc…

Each university will organise internally a Phase 1 to select their two representative teams and King will coordinate the final Hackathon.

Phase 1 consists of a 3 minute intro video where teams will present their members (name, studies, university), the role each member will have during the Hackathon and also talk about their motivations as to why they’d like to represent their university during the [Not Only Games]Jam.

Two professors from each participating university will form the jury who’ll select the top two teams representing each University during the Hackathon weekend.


These are the dates you should write down…

Phase 1

  • 27
    Deadline to submit your team’s intro Video and register
  • 28
    Voting period startsA jury from the participant universities will vote for the best intro videos
  • 4
    Voting period endsA jury from the participant universities will vote for the best intro videos
  • 6
    Finalists get notified

Phase 2

  • 15
    Introductory sessionIntroductory session with the teams, announcement of the [Not Only Games] Jam theme and Q&A session
  • 16
    Kick-off at 9am and all day hacking session. Doors close at 21.00 and you are free to continue working on your project between Saturday and Sunday if you wish, but not at the [Not Only Games] Jam location.
  • 17
    Kick-off at 9am and rounding off around 12.00. This will be followed by the Awards Ceremony until around 4pm
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Keep these in mind at all times

  • Participants must be currently enrolled in one of the participating Universities or be part of a team where the majority of participants are from a participating University

  • The teams must have 3 to 5 people

  • Teams will have one weekend to create their project once they have been selected to represent their university

  • Your entry must be original and coded during the [Not Only Games] Jam, and it must comply with our Rules and Guidelines

  • You need to be physically at the King offices in Barcelona to participate. You can’t participate online

  • Bring your own computer, software, and any other hardware you wish to use during the event. We will provide Wi-Fi and power

  • Participation in the [Not Only Games] Jam is completely free

  • To participate you must read and accept the [Not Only Games] Jam rules



Got any questions? You’re in the right place!

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